CANNIBALISM, FREUD, NIGHT OF 3​.​15​.​13​/​MORNING OF 3​.​16​.​13


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All songs/ideas recorded, written, and mixed from 12:47AM-8:53AM on 3/6/13


released March 6, 2013



all rights reserved


OBERHOFER Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: Scared, Alone
I'm Scared, I'm Alone
I'm afraid I'm on my own

I never want to live away from all of my friends
I never want to live away from all that I love

I'm scared.
I'm alone.
I'm afraid.
I'm all alone.
Track Name: Clouds/Fountains
I hope we can make it over the mountain
When I saw the sky, the clouds were like fountains

A big mountain
Went for a look
Read it here,
In this book
Lots of pictures,
picture perfect.
Let me climb this trick
See if I can work it.
Look at the sky
Look at the ground
Look at the grass
Look at those clouds

Look at the trees,
the way that they glisten.
In the wind,
they talk and I listen.

Going for an adventure.
I'm going on an adventure tonight.

I hope we can make it over the mountain.
When I saw the sky, the clouds were like fountains.

I'm awake.
You're asleep
I can tell,
You're like me.
Track Name: No One Nothing
My faults are not my fault
My thoughts are not my thoughts
My ears are definitely my ears, but they don't belong to me.

Can someone belong to someone
Can someone belong to something
Can something belong to someone

Your Star's a poem
And there's a home in it
I think of you like that
because I know you well

Your star's a home
My eyes are closed
I always knew that you'd come back.
Track Name: Winter Has Come and Gone Again
My trees were too big
My wind won't blow
I tried to climb the top,
but I was closed

I've no reason
I've no fear
I've no thoughts
I'm out

Winter has come and gone again
I had to whisper a secret to the wind
It came back in a whirl of time
I've no reason
I've no mind

If you ever
Believe in a real thing.
Tell me, what's the real thing
Tell me, what's the real thing